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GPS Tracking Applications

There are virtually hundreds of applications for which you can use XtremeTrakGPS Live Tracking Devices. Below are just some of the most popular applications and industries that we currently serve. Let us show you how a GPS tracking device can benefit you and your industry today.


Child/Elderly Tracking

XtremeTrakGPS tracking devices are ideal for tracking your loved ones, whether it is your child going to school or even in a stroller. Portable tracking devices are also becoming common to help track the elderly, especially those with mental health issues such as dimentia. Learn More about Child and Elderly Tracking.


GPS Fleet Management

When you have a large fleet of vehicles, it makes sense to be able to know where all the vehicles are at. Whether they are delivery vehicles, service vehicles, or even law enforcement vehicles, having a centralized tracking system to know where your vehicles are at is very important. Learn More about GPS Fleet Management.


Teenage Drivers

Handing over your keys to a new driver can be a stressful experience. With our live GPS tracking devices, you can monitor their driving habits and exact locations quickly and easily. Create custom reports and get geo-fence text and email alerts if they enter/leave designated areas. Learn More about Teen Driver Tracking.


Delivery/Courier Services

When you're running a delivery or courier service, you've got vehicles out all over. Other than contacting drivers individually, it's hard to keep track of where everyone is at, or how far along their routes they are. With our live GPS tracking devices you can know where everyone is at. Learn More about Tracking for Delivery Drivers.


Law Enforcement

Whether you need to track a fleet of squad cars, or track a suspect, our live GPS tracking devies are up for the job. With professional-grade construction, these devices are built and tested for long term use, perfect for law enforcment agencies and related divisions. Learn More about GPS Tracking for Law Enforcement.


Private Investigators

A PI's job is never easy, but with XtremeTrakGPS live trackers, that job might become a little easier. With our XT-300 portable tracker you can easily monitor the location of any vehicle, and get real-time updates based on the vehicle's speed or location. Learn More GPS Tracking for Private Investigators.


Heavy Machinery

Whether you have a trailer of tools, or a dozen construction machines, keeping track of those assets is critical. A live GPS tracker will not only give you the instantaneous location, but can also alert you if one is moved or taken from a job site. Learn More about GPS Trackers for Heavy Machinery and Construction.


Event Management

Managing an event can be a stressful task, even moreso if you have to manage golf carts, event vehicles, etc. With XtremeTrakGPS live GPS tracking, you can keep track of any one of your moving assets in real time, and make sure they're exactly where they're supposed to be. Learn More about GPS Tracking for Event Management.

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